Saturday, August 19, 2006

Reformational for 10 years

I have been reading reformational books for just over ten years now. After a slowish start I discovered Richard Russell’s Christian Studies Unit, just in time for those formative years at university and so followed a period of fairly intense reading within this thought tradition.

I do my best to keep reading and thinking along reformational lines and this blog will seek to promote such thinking. I am hardly alone, as new reformational (or as some prefer neocalvinist) blogs are appearing all the time. Perhaps a motivation for starting this blog was to continue such a trend. I certainly hope that more people will come to learn of this tradition, especially here in the UK.


Baus said...

Very nice, bro.
Welcome to the blogsphere, and I look forward to your future posts.
I will reciprocate your link immediately.

Steve Bishop said...

Hi Rudi,

Welcome to blog land - at last!!!



Paul said...

Now I'll know who you are when we eventually meet!

Great to have you blogging.