Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blessings and Humour

I guess we reformationals are not well known for our vivacious good humour, but there was plenty of laughs in Leeds and this photo gives a sense of how much we genuinely enjoyed our time together. Two of my favourite moments came from very dead pan, and self-effacing response by Steve Bishop to a question about his presentation, and Gareth Jones' magical realist account of his spiritual journey from mountain top epiphany in Wales to Dooyeweerdian philosophy in Manchester.
As to the title, I've used this as an occassional alternative to the more traditional "God Bless" at the end of an e mail. I was told Bob Goudzwaard often uses it and I think its wonderful. We reformationals need to be all about blessings and humour.


Baus said...

I look forward to meeting up with the Leeds/UK Reformationals.

The Dutch, supposedly, have a sense of humor of somekind or other... but it largely escapes me, or I've been left out of the joke(s).

I have a suspicion my fellow Anglophone Reformationals are more kindred spirits in many ways.

Celal said...

I would have liked to have been there, but was struggling with work issues (redundancy). Sorry i missed it. Maybe next time, God willing.

Rudi said...


It would be great to meet up. When do you leave Europe? Do you have plans to make a visit to our fair Isles?


Sorry to hear of your redundancy, I will remember you in my prayers. Since you are in London (right?) we should certainly meet up. I will e mail you.