Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sphere Sovereignty on the Internet

Here is a preliminary bibliography of articles on Sphere sovereignty available on-line. Further suggestions welcome.

Baus, Gregory. Dooyeweerd’s Societal Sphere Sovereignty

Chaplin, Jonathan. Sphere Sovereignty and Canadian Public Life

Chaplin, Jonathan. Towards A Social Pluralist Theory of Institutional Rights

Friessen, Glenn. Sphere Sovereignty

Goudzwaard, Bob. Authority Abused

Goudzwaard, Bob. Principles and Political Action

Harinck, George. A Historian’s Comment on the Use of Abraham Kuyper’s Idea of Sphere Sovereignty

Heslem, Peter. Prophet of a Third Way: The Shape of Kuyper's Socio-Political Vision

Langley, McKendree R. Creation and Sphere Sovereignty in Historical Perspective

Mouw, Richard. Mine! Kuyper for a new century

Pennings, Ray. Kuyper's Sphere Sovereignty and Modern Economic Institutions

Pennings, Ray. Sphere Sovereignty 101

van der Vyver, Johan D. Sphere Sovereignty of Religious Institutions: A Contemporary Calvinistic Theory of Church-State Relations

Wikipedia. Sphere Sovereignty


Baus said...

These two links should be updated:

Chaplin's AveMaria "social pluralist" essay is now HERE

van der Vyver's essay is now HERE

Rudi said...

Thanks Gregory,

I've updated those links.

I look forward to hearing how your own contribution goes down at Princeton Seminary.