Monday, February 12, 2007

The Urban Christian

A group from my church are reading through The Urban Christian by Ray Bakke. It is part of Grace Church Hackney's vision to be an urban church. Number Four of the five "Things we think are important" is:
The Gospel leads us to love the city. Therefore we will seek to be an urban church celebrating all that is good about the city and working to change all that is not good. We hope to partner with chritians already involved in social projects and to be a church where people are encouraged to engage with the culture of the city, particularly the arts.
This has got me thinking about what reformational resources are there for thinking about the city, and what kind of questions should guide our reflection.
Resources that come to mind are:
and Wolterstorff's "A City of Delight" in Until Justice and Peace Embrace
I'll have to think more about the questions that need asking.

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