Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vollenhoven's Problem-Historical Method: A Bibliography

Following Steve Bishops good example, here is a bibliography of English-language work related to Vollenhoven's Problem-Historical Method:
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­­­Vollenhoven, D.H.Th. The History of Ancient Philosophy (1958) a partial translation by Evan Runner of Vollenhoven, D.H.Th. Geshiedenis der wijsbegeerte I

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Steve Bishop said...

Nice one Rudi!

There are a few more mentioned on the Vollenhoven section of the AoLR site:

K.A. Bril, K.A., H. Hart, J. Klapwijk (eds.). 1973. The Idea of a Christian Philosophy: Essays in Honour of D. H. Th. Vollenhoven. Wedge: Toronto.

K. A. Bril. 1973. A selected and annotated bibliography of D. H. Th. Vollenhoven. Philosophia Reformata 38: 212-222.

Glenn Friesen 'Monism, dualism, nondualism: a problem with Vollenhoven's problem-historical method.

H. Evan Runner. 1972. Abraham Kuyper’s influence on Dr Vollenhoven. Perspective Newsletter 6: 7-10.

H. Evan Runner. 1972. Vollenhoven celebrates his eightieth birthday. Perspective Newsletter (Dec).

John H. Kok. 1988. Vollenhoven and scriptural philosophy. Philosophia Reformata 53(2): 101-142.

John H.Kok. 1992. Vollenhoven: His Early Development, Dordt College Press: Dordt.

Anthony Tol. 1978. In memoriam: Dirk Hendrik Theodoor Vollenhoven. Philosophia Reformata 43: 93-100.

Vollemnhoven also wrote a three part paper for the Evagelical Quarterly - I'll look it up and post the details.



Steve Bishop said...

The three part article in the Evangelical Quarterly was called 'The significance of calvinism for the reformation of philosophy' vol 3 (4) Oct 1931; vol 4 (2) April 1932; vol 4 (4) Oct 1932.


Rudi said...

Thanks Steve,

The idea was for a "problem-historical method" bibiolography, so I have added the Friesen piece and changed the blog title.